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Let's Get Bigger, Faster and Stronger!!!

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Our Mission

Welcome to Dunamis Performance Training, here at DPT, we create every workout to meet the needs of the athlete through consultation and a series of drills assessing individual strength. This approach allows us  compose a specific plan conducive to the needs of the client. 

Our goal is to assist in teaching young athletes the skills to be the best in their sport. No matter what sport or skill level, DPT can give you the BEST sports training experience.

POWER 60 (Saturday Only)

Our Saturday only training allows athletes to maintain their strength performance during the season.  

Athletes receive four  60 minute sessions. 

Training Duration - 4 Sessions 


Explosive Performance 

Athlete Training 

Through power, speed, strength, and each athlete is challenged to achieve their physical & mental goals while increasing their level of competitiveness  

Training Duration - 12 Sessions // 3x a week 

$ 240.00 

Adult Personal Training

We developed a fitness routine designed to achieve your fitness and wight loss goals, using some of the same techniques professional athletes use. 

Training Session - 12 sessions  // 3x a week